Investments and Insurance

Investments & Insurance

Thinking about and planning your business’s financial situation is an ongoing process. Your goals change, your life changes, and your financial situation changes. Count on us to help keep your plans on the right path. We provide personalized financial investment advice today that can secure the financial future you want tomorrow. Our gfcu team can provide you with solutions to help you plan responsibly for their unique business stages and goals, and plan and invest for the short, medium and longer term.


gfcu MoneyWorks

gfcu MoneyWorks provides a network of dedicated financial professionals who are committed to serving your financial planning and investment needs, whether you’re a small business, corporation or not-for-profit. Our accredited Financial Advisors and relationship with Qtrade Investor and Qtrade Asset Management enable us to provide a wide array of financial solutions, including mutual funds, stocks and bonds. We can also provide you with the expert advice and support you need to grow your assets.

Benefit from our professional investment management expertise as you grow your business:

  • Work with our knowledgeable, experienced investment professionals
  • Manage your investments, risk and liquidity more effectively
  • Develop a personalized investment strategy
  • Choose from thousands of well-known mutual funds
Our gfcu MoneyWorks Business Wealth Specialist will work with you to help protect you, your family and your business, and provide strategic investment and planning advice. Accredited as an Investments and Life Insurance Advisor, Sarah as well as our other specialists--can provide you with the professional investments and insurance advice and solutions to meet your business and personal needs.


Sarah Lawrence

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Term Deposits

In addition to mutual funds, stocks and bonds, term deposits can also be an important part of your investment and liquidity management strategy. Benefits include:
  • Better rates of interest than those offered by regular savings accounts
  • Safe, secure with guaranteed returns
  • Variety of term lengths and options
  • Automatic renewals
  • Interest transferred to your account of choice
  • Laddering maturity dates, to help protect you against interest rate fluctuations
To find out more information, contact your gfcu Commercial Account Manager or contact us at 250-442-5511

Individual and business owner financial planning

The successful integration of both the short and long term goals and needs of one’s family with the short and long term goals and needs of the business is crucial to the overall success of an integrated financial plan. gfcu’s Business Wealth Specialists are experienced at looking at the big picture, and follow a widely accepted process that assists individuals and families to plan for a better, more stable and prosperous financial future. gfcu’s unique business-owner Roadmap process helps to ensure the important questions are asked, and solutions determined; and annual reviews help to ensure your plans stay on track.

Group Retirement Savings Plan

A competitive retirement program can be an attractive benefit and the key to retaining valuable employees. gfcu can help you choose from a wide range of registered and non-registered retirement planning options that are both cost-effective and flexible.

Group Benefits Plans

Implementing a group benefit program is an excellent way to show your staff that you appreciate their efforts. Your business can provide valuable group life and health benefits for your staff, regardless of the size of your company – even if you have only two or three employees. Typical group benefit plans include: life, disability and critical illness insurance, dental insurance, extended health care insurance, employee assistance programs, and health care spending accounts.

Protecting your business: life and disability insurance

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to protecting your business from the loss of key employees, developing a succession strategy or protecting yourself with comprehensive life and disability insurance. At gfcu, our experts can provide the advice you need to ensure you’re properly covered. Our insurance solutions can also provide a tax-sheltered environment for corporate investments, help you attract quality staff, help fund your retirement and even maximize the value of your estate.

Tax Efficient Investment Solutions

If your company is investing excess profits into GICs or other taxable investments, these funds are often called “trapped” corporate surplus because you pay high personal tax if you remove the capital from the corporation, and you pay high corporate tax if you leave it in. gfcu’s Business Wealth Specialists can tailor investment solutions for your business that address tax minimization and tax deferral, while ensuring investment suitability and risk appropriateness.

For more information on any of these items please contact us:


Sarah Lawrence

Tel: 250-442-4002
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Mutual funds are offered through Qtrade Asset Management (a tradename of Credential Asset ManagementInc). VirtualWealth is a trade name of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc.