Why Choose GFCU?

Why bank with us?

It Just Makes Sense.

Here, You’re So Much More than A Customer: As a member-owned Credit Union we do things a little differently around here. When you trust us with your money, you become so more than just a customer—you become a shareholder of our strong local cooperative. Banking with us helps us give amazing benefits back to you as members, and to our community. We belong to you, our members, and when you speak, we truly listen. At GFCU, we have a values-based banking approach. That means we operate with integrity, we celebrate innovation, and we work to make a meaningful difference for our members and our community – every day.


We are all united by the importance of quality of life in our community. This is your home and ours, and we are proud to put your money to work in and for this community we all love. After all, who understands life in Grand Forks better than the people who live and work here, raise families and grow businesses here? We engage and support local business, and engage with our members and partners, to work together to build a strong and healthy community, for you, your family and the generations to come. We’re in this together.


Financial Expertise & Smart Advice

Our experts are here to help you make smart financial decisions. We pride ourselves on giving you proactive smart advice. Because we’re embedded in the community, your dedicated Financial Advisor can work with you to understand your needs on a deep, local level. From daily banking to savings, protection, and investments – including investments through our MoneyWorks ® partner – we have the wide range of financial products and solutions to meet your financial and life goals.

Member Dividends

We have long maintained the tradition of returning a percentage of profits back to the membership each and every year. How this pans out is highly variable, but generally depends on how profitable the previous year was, and what projections are for the upcoming year. In the rare case there may be no dividends issued, but much more often than not, it literally pays to be a member of gfcu.



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